Commercial Opportunities

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 13.47.29Dean Stoneman


In 2010 Dean has caught the attention of motorsports elite, when he won the FIA Formula Two Championship.  Comparisons have been drawn to him and previous world champions of F1, these similarities reinforce our belief that Dean can perform at the very highest level of world motorsport. Dean’s progression into IndyCar is imminent.

Dean and his marketing team understands the need for a commercial relationship to work, strong exciting commercial benefits must exist which deliver real results to your business.  That’s why we have developed a series of tiered packages.  His level of success and media profile can also provide investors with a fantastic profile and unlock unique marketing opportunities.

We look forward to the possibility of exploring with you, a route to supporting and capitalising on Dean’s progression into IndyCar. We are committed to working towards partnerships that provide a winning business formula.

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Anthony Shaw
Alpine Motorsports

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